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The famous Millett Station of the L.M.R.C.
Was unfortunately evicted because you see,
Purina's new factory all made of bricks,
Force the local club to "move to the sticks".

Give up they would not, and help was sought,
'Til they finally were given this one acre lot,
Located in Millett, right next to the bar,
Just three blocks east of the tracks by car.

So choosing a mover who would use great 'skill',
Yet not charge a fortune on his bill,
Required much planning by one and all,
A conclusion was reached and one given a call.

Before moving a hole was dug by those codgers,
Consisting of Kitley, Fox, Venzke and Rogers,
They worked with scraper, small bulldozer and tractor,
Dodging mainline trains being quite a big factor.

That Fox jinx was working again in full force,
His tractor line broke right off at that source,
Spraying Fox and the station with hydraulic fluid,
And making him look like a gruesome Druid.

Kitley was not one to be left out of the act,
By wrapping tractor and scraper around station in fact,
Meanwhile Rogers and Venzke both lacked certain finesse,
Each clipped two corners in a tremendous caress.

Only two buildings remained intact on the spread,
The trusty old outhouse and a Railroad shed,
By some odd coincidence the shed was rammed,
And at the very last moment the outhouse got slammed.

By this time the G.T.W. was becoming alarmed,
That their main tracks at Millett not be harmed,
So orders went out to all crews just in time,
'Watch out for those odd-balls and holes by the line'.

The final day arrived and the building jacked high,
But fell off the cribbing with a vast creaking sigh,
The 'skilled' mover's crew had completely snafued,
So with the station protesting that task renewed.
Jacked up it was again - with the same crashing result,
Glass shattered completely with this final insult,
The station now looking like it tried a Watusi twist,
And it groaned in despair at its ten-degree list.

Work progressed and then came the great day
When Old Millett Station had the 'right of way'.
Across G.T. tracks, highway and street if did clop,
Bringing trains and highway traffic for miles to a stop.

Escorted by track crews, police and sheriff it crawled,
Down the street into Millett whose citizens were appalled,
As their power and phone lines were cut by the score,
But fascinated by a sight they would see never more.

By the time Millett Station finally reached its destination,
The amount of damage was beyond human estimation,
But the hard-working club members most loyal will be,
Rebuilding the wreck is a challenge to the L.M.R.C.

By the Poet Laureate of the L.M.R.C.
(rumored to be Joe Roger's mother)