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Layout Information

track schematic, click for larger

The LMRC's layout consists of a single track main line with passing sidings and two a branch lines. The main line is approximately 300 feet (94m) in length and has four passing sidings (5 once we get one more turnout installed).
The current layout was started in 1980 and as originally designed consisted of two mainlines, the "gray line" and the "black line", connected via an interchange. The two lines were so named after the color of their ballast. The gray line was the Hogsback and Southern, while the black line was the Millett and Northern.
In the mid-2000's, members decided to revamp the interchange area and combine the two loops into one larger, longer run to enhance operational potential.
In 2009 an addition to the building was constructed and layout expanstion was started. The Summit and Rives areas were expanded into the new space, the Wakefield and Trout Lake areas created, and a helix and staging yard were installed. The layout is a continuous run dogbone. It's major yard is Glenwood Yard.

The layout is powered by North Coast Engineering DCC system and has computer controlled signals, including working semaphores.

A few layout photos

click on the pictures for a larger view.

View of the west end of the layout showing the city of Summit in the center foreground, Millett and Summit Junction behind and to the left, and Anderson to the right.  The wired cabs have since been replced with wireless NCE DCC throttles. An over head view of the City of Summit.  The station and passing siding are called Rives. North east asile of the layout room showing the Lawarence Valley bridge (center) and branch line to Zekes (right). LV tower and a view across the bridge. A view of the city of Summit. The depot at Rives John Fry's scrap yard The Brown and Childs coal mine Johnson Intermodal in Milet (lover) and the gain elevator in Summit Junction (upper). Main Street in Summit. The Rives freight house is on the lower left and behind it is The Hill Foundry Co. Some of the beautiful detail work done in the city of Sumit by John Bussard. The state highway leading out of town. The west end of Summit. The east end of Summit The business and industrical district on a busy work day Engineer's view of the east switch at Rives siding.